C10 Videos

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Here are some various clips and videos the C10club has done over the previous years

We also have the clip from C10talk where Ronnie interviews the C10 King and John Oro

See what the C10 lifestyle is all about! as we showcase C10's worldwide!.

October 2 - 3, 2010 atwater truck show

Classic Chevy & GMC Trucks @ BROTHERS Show 'n Shine 2010

2011 Brothers Truck Show


C10 CLUB & Friends @ BROTHERS 2011-2012 TRUCK SHOW & SHINE


Cruising with the C-10 Club



C10 Club: Road Trip 2012 


C10 Club cruise to Brothers Show & Shine 2013

C10 Club Road Trip: 2014



Brothers Truck Show 2015 "Early Morning Arrivals"



Cruise to 2015 Brothers truck show & shine



brothers truck show



1968 Chevrolet CST Shortbed Fleetside Pickup Truck - Interview with Rene "C10 King" Martinez

1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super Pickup Truck - Interview with Rene "C10 King" Martinez


Episode 5 – The C10 King – Rene Martinez


The C10 King c10 talk interview The John Oro interview